Driving Supplier Diversity Success since 1968

About DIR

Diversity Information Resources (DIR) is proud to be the only organization in the supplier procurement industry focused exclusively on developing and supporting supplier diversity programs. We share proven supplier diversity expertise.

At DIR, supplier diversity is about people and building strong business relationships. It’s about advancing supplier diversity through comprehensive, flexible searching and reporting solutions facilitated by superior technology, personal service and proven expertise. DIR partners with SupplierGATEWAY, an MBE information technology company that provides innovative procurement solutions for company-wide sourcing needs. Together, we provide a winning combination of supplier diversity experience and cutting-edge sourcing technology.

DIR helps corporations build the best possible supplier diversity programs through verified and validated data, data management and other managed services, educational seminars and trusted print resources. Our exceptional products and services support both corporations and suppliers, facilitating the advancement of corporate diversity as a whole.

Get to know what we know:

  • Request a demo of the robust supplier data management system which allows corporations to manage their supplier diversity programs with a single, integrated tool. Contact DIR: 612-781-6819.
  • Attend DIR’s annual seminars that teach companies valuable ways to build and enhance their own supplier diversity programs.
  • Look to this comprehensive events calendar which marks important dates for diversity-focused happenings across the country.

In 2013, DIR celebrated its 45th Anniversary. This video shares the highlights and gives testimony to the long-standing success we’ve had with our clients. From being called “a unique resource” to “an extension of our staff,” DIR continues to prioritize clients’ needs so their supplier diversity initiatives grow and thrive.

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